Welcome to Rapperactive Music

Rapperactive is a non-profit digital record label, FREE music promotion brand and a hustle music movement in Africa. Rapperactive provides digital music management support and all things digital music.
Detailed Overview of Rapperactive

Rapperactive provides free music promotion, digital music distribution support, digital music management, digital branding and hip hop inspiration for upcoming hip hop musicians in Africa. Rapperactive is all things digital music.

Rapperactive helps artists submit their music for distribution and streaming on digital music stores and sites like itunes, spotify, Deezer, Google Music and the popular streaming sites in order for underground artists to be able to make earnings and royalties for their music.

Rapperactive also uses paid or sponsored ads on facebook to push talented and deserving artists who needs extra push for their brilliance and music acumen.

Artists who are given free promo can also opt for paid or sponsored ads on facebook, if they couldnt make it to the damn good status to earn free sponsored ads.

Rapperactive also provides social media management and marketing services for upcoming artists who dont have creative, pursuasive, and captivative marketing skills to effectly leverage on social media to attract more fans or convert fans to stream or buy their music. This is where the digital branding aspect of digital music management comes into play where Rapperactive gives expert advice or paid support depending on the kind of engagement needed. Join Rapperactive – Click here!

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